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Wigs are priced according to the workmanship, construction of the cap and quality of the hair. For example, human hair wigs cost more than synthetic fiber wigs.
What type of wig cap will work best for me?
It is important to know the different types of caps and how they are constructed:
Machine Sewn:
Machine sewn wigs are crafted on a special sewing machine and are made of hair wefts attached to a pre-constructed base. They are also referred to as cap less because the hair is not attached to a mesh foundation.
Hand tied wigs have caps which are constructed of some type of mesh (usually monofilament) with individual strands of hair knotted by hand into the mesh.
Also known as a monofilament top. The top section is made of a fine, transparent nylon mesh with strands of hair hand-tied into the base, creating a natural look where the hair appears to be growing from the scalp. This useful feature allows you to part the hair anywhere at the top, just like your own hair. This type of wig is suitable for persons with extensive hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical reasons since the transparent mesh allows the bare scalp to show through. You may sometimes see mono top wigs referred to as medical wigs mainly for this reason. However even women with full heads of hair prefer this type of wig because of their superior natural appearance. Mono top wigs are generally more expensive since a lot of time is taken to hand tie each strand of hair to the base. The back of the wig is machine sewn. This type of wig can be made from either synthetic fiber or human hair.
What is a Medical Wig?
Medical wigs have special features that make them more suitable for women with hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, trichotillomania and other medical conditions.
Do all mono top wigs have tape tabs or medical tabs?
All mono-top wigs feature “tape tabs” on the inside of the cap. These shiny plastic tabs allow the wearer to use a special double-sided tape to secure the wig to the head if desired.
What is a monofilament part wig?
These are wigs that have a thin strip of monofilament mesh sewn just in the part line area (left, right or center part). For this type of wig, the location of the part CANNOT be changed. Because only a small part of the wig is monofilament, it is slightly less expensive than the full mono top wigs.
Do all wigs have adjustable straps?
All wigs have adjustable straps at the nape (back neck area) to allow the wig to be sized for a more snug fit. Generally these straps will have Velcro attachments but can sometimes feature hooks that fit into tiny adjustment pockets. Both are effective systems that can be found on all types of wigs.
Can I just add fullness to my hair?
For those who wish to add fullness to their hair, a honeycomb or pull-through wig or hairpiece may be the answer. A honeycomb hairpiece features wefts that have been sewn into an open honeycomb design, with large spaces between the wefts for the wearer to pull her own hair up and through. These pieces are a lot cooler to wear in hot weather than a regular wig or hairpiece. Some women select a honey comb product in a slightly different shade than their own hair to give a high or low lighted effect when their hair is pulled through and blended in. In most cases, these pieces are held on with small clip combs.
What is a fall?
A fall (or a ¾ cap wig) is designed to be worn with the wearer’s own hair showing at the front hairline and down the temples to the ears. Most falls utilize conventional wig caps and are attached using a half-round comb at the front (bangs area) and another at the back (nape area) for an extremely secure fit.
What is a hand tied wig?
Probably the least common type of cap construction is the hand-tied wig. A 100% hand-tied wig usually starts at $500 for a synthetic style, and can get into the $1000s for a human hair version (depending on the type/quality of the hair - remy or non-remy). Due to the labor-intensive nature of making the wig, the price is much higher than other types.
Will wearing a wig damage my own hair?
Wearing a wig will not harm your scalp or hair or inhibit regrowth. For women with complete hair loss due to medical reasons, a wig helps to maintain body heat and protect sensitive skin from the elements.
Should I buy more than one wig?
Depending on your lifestyle, you may find that having more than one wig is convenient. You may wish to have different styles – one casual and one more styled for going out – or different constructions to wear for different activities.
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